California at polls: GMOs will stay hidden Play

California at polls: GMOs will stay hidden

The failure of Proposition 37 in California is at odds with the spreading of world wide consumer awareness

    The result of the ballot about “Proposition 37” in California was released on November 7th. Voters refused to compel companies, supermarkets chains and sellers to label all foods containing any genetically modified organism, as demanded by the main promoter of the campaign, “Yes to Proposition 37” ( ). The question. Should labeling be […]

Art cities & global tourism

Art cities & global tourism

The cost of mass society

A mixed feeling, something in between physical fear and aristocratic despice is inevitable, when one lives in fragile Venice and a menacing brutal monster enters the Canal Grande, offering the narrow strees and the delicate mosaics that pave its churches and palaces to the newly enriched masses of global tourism.